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Suchoon Mo

A Mute With A  Cello


alone on the stage

Rita played a cello


in the deathly     silence of theater

her cello moaned and wailed


Rita was a mute

and      I was listening

Going Home


so it is and it is not

neither you       nor I are here or there

the train has left and the sun is still

time     to go home and no time to go


Suchoon Mo is a retired academic living in the semiarid part of Colorado.   His chap book, Frog Mantra, has been published by Accents Publishing of Lexington, Kentucky.

A Warm Dark Lake


I untie

I     open

the thin ice...

your cold thin gown


I wade into warm        dark lake

in summer heat

in winter snow



the blue light       is still

the darkness throbs


gentle waves take us

to the other      shore

to our shore